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Sunglasses // KAIBOSH
Shirt // M MISSONI
Bathingssuit // M MISSONI
Pants // ASOS
Shoes // 2ND DAY


Happy mothers day! Such a lovely day to show all the love and appreciation, as I told you about I took part in the Pandora Tour, a bike race around Copenhagen to celebrate women and the women we love, we where such a diverse crowd, someone brought their mothers, grandmothers, boyfriends, girlfriends and children.
It was a bike race, but it wasn’t at all about rushing to the finish line, we all took time to decorate our bikes and getting a cup of coffee, then hitting the road with music and as much dancing as you are cable off while biking. While waving out to turist and enjoying the baking sun, no-one wanted the tour to ever end.
When everyone had crossed the finish line everyone sat down in the park for a lovely picnic yet again just enjoying the sun and the lovely company.
Thanks Maria and Pandora for sharing this wonderful day with me!

Check out #thepandoratour for more wonderful pictures from the race!

In collaboration with Pandora

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