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Hi guys! Just a quick hello, I guess we are all some sort of busy today.
I can’t wait to spend tonight witch Victors family, first time we are celebrating christmas together.
And tomorrow we’ll celebrate christmas with my family. Take care and enjoy!

Best wishes!



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Sunglasses – H&M
Knit – Second hand
Jeans – Gina Tricot
Bag – Christian Dior
Socks – Primark
Shoes – Pieces

Pictures by Stine Mo from The Mo Look


Earlier this week I was invited to a Mojito Night hosted by The Body Shop to present their newest products inspired by virgin mojitos. Not only the lovely scents but also the energizing effect in mint and lime! Delicious!
I chose to dress up in some glitter and high heels and then dress down with some jeans and socks and to add a little extra, as I usually do.. I put on the biggest and boldest sunglasses I could find.
What do you think?



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In case you didn’t know, there’s only 13 days until I turn 21!
I’ve gathered a few of my wishes, maybe you’ll be inspired for your christmas wish list?

1. The dress
A cool colorful dress, with a graphic flamingo print! What’s not to love.

2. Gold shoes
Pointy and heeled, but yet very casual. I would wear them with my boyfriend jeans or cute dresses.

3. The Sunglasses
Since I’ll worn my Prada sunglasses a lot, I’m considering getting another pair…

4. London & Paris
I really wish to travel to both London and Paris during fashion week next season, but I might need a little founding help..

5. Hangers for trousers & Skirts
Not the sexiest wish, but I really need it for my pretty pants, skirts and shorts. Might save me some ironing time!

6. The Advents Calender
Since my birthday is in the beginning of December I’ve always loved getting these calendars that brings joy all december!
This one is from The body shop and contains beauty goodies!





MAC Studio Fix Lash – I have quite long lashes so I’m always looking a mascara which makes them look thick but not lumps together. This one is the best I’ve tried yet.

Loreal Super Liner – Whenever I feel like dressing up a lot, it included wet eyeliner, this one has great coverage and is easy to apply for both slim and thick lines.

Ace of Face Intensive kohl liner – To make my lashes look thicker I apply black eyeliner on the upper waterline. The Ace of Face has a strong effect and is long lasting._MG_7683


ELF Concealer SPF 15 Fair – I like a powder concealer upon a BB cream, my cream concealer gives a shiny look combined with the BB cream. I uses the color fair here in wintertime, because whenever the summer comes I rarely wears concealer.

The Body Shop All In One BB-Cream 00 – My dry skin look way better with a BB-cream than foundation. The one from Body shop gives a light coverage, and not a “full face” feeling like a cream foundation, which makes it look natural.

Mac Eye Shadow Tempting – I love conturing and this Mac eyeshadow matches my skin tone perfectly. So yes I know it’s an eyeshadow, but it works brilliantly as a contour on me and my cheekbones looks super sharp._MG_7684


The Body Shop 220, 130 & 340 – I’ve tried several lipstick brands but they all makes my lips go dry in a second. The Body Shops has Shea Butter as a main ingredient in their lipsticks which makes them much more comfortable. The have a huge variation in colors and both shiny and matte looks.


Yet again, I’m not a beauty-blogger, and especially not a specialist, but this is my experiences.
If you have questions or comments please let me know.





Tresemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp – Since I have a troubled scalp I love this combination of conditioning and nurturing hair and scalp mask. Most of the other hair mask I’ve tried has provoked my scalp.

Vichy Anti Dandruff Shampoo – Yet again, for my troubled scalp I’ve tested lots of shampoo. This one has given me the best result yet. But please, if you have other recommendations let me know.

Aussie Miracle Recharge Moisture – My hair is really frizzy here in the cold, but this leave in conditioning spray makes my hair amazingly soft. I spray it into my towel-dry hair and immediately feels the effect when I brush throw my hair before blow drying it.


Origins A Perfect World – My all time favorite moisturizer for my dry skin. It’s fresh and fat, but leaves the skin ready for make up in a 2 minutes.

Origins Super Spot Remover – Whenever my skin freaks out, I just a drop off this on my zit and leaves it for it to dry out. It even makes the zit easier to cover with a bit of make up.

Origins Clear Improvement – For my black heads I use this charcoal mask, I rarely use it every week, but whenever I feel the need._MG_7686


Eos lip balm Rasberry – I’ve just begun using Eos, but it blew me away. Cute smell and long last. Perfect for my winter lips.

The Body Shop Honey Mania Body Butter – I’ve been addicted to the body butter quite a while now. My legs and arms has extremely dry skin, and the only rescue is the body butter. I’ve tried several scents, and especially love the hazelnut, shea butter and coconut.

Eos hand cream – The hand cream the cutest smell of candy, dry outs fast and leaves the hands soft. And the packaging is the perfect handbag-size.


Hope you liked my first “beauty” post, I’m not a beauty-blogger, and especially not a specialist, but this is my experiences.
If you have questions or comments please let me know.