Victor Jones - Summerfeelin (1 of 3) Victor Jones - Summerfeelin (2 of 3) Victor Jones - Summerfeelin (3 of 3)

Blazer – Basler(similar here)        Shirt – Vintage(similar here)     Boots – Deichmann(similar here and here)       Bag – Cortefiel(similar here )    Jeans – Cheap monday

Photos by Victor Jones


Oh how I love fall at the moment, my wardrobe is filled with lovely new ins and rediscovered lovers. The sun was baking upon Copenhagen yesterday, I went shopping for some materials only wearing what above without freezing(!!!) Normally I would be freezing to death, I’m the one with wool socks, three pairs of pantyhoes, beanie and gloves. But yesterday, oh that yesterday, it was the last of summer.




Sunglasses – Prada  Earrings – Kinz Kanaan  Jacket – Topshop  Blazer – Basler   Shirt – Vintage   Skirt – Monki   Boots – Bianco

Photos by Maria


Went to a fancy launching of the Japanese watch brand Dedegumo. But I’ll tell a lot more about those amazing watches another time, believe me, it’s quite a story!
But before we arrived we shot some quick outfit shots and they turned out great! Don’t you think?
I would love to wear heels everytime I go out to these fashionable events, but facing a whole day of school and public transportation thats usually a no-go. But ever since I got my hands on these incredible Bianco over-knees it’s been a lot easier going out.
They been with me to LFW, out for some heavy partying and a couple blog events.
Not bad for a black bootie!
Unfortunately they aren’t up on the webshop yet, but I’ll link it the moment they are.

Happy friday!