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Post made in collaboration with Zadaa App


I was contacted by Sara from Zadaa a few months ago, she had seen my instagram profile and took the wild guess that I might have a quite large but also quite exciting wardrobe. I felt proud and intriegued by her introduction and we started talking about how we could collaborate. We decided to do a little wardrobe tour in my apartment in Copenhagen, so that the users of Zadaa could get a feeling of my personal style and so that you guys could look at some awesome print mix styling in some great shots. And also I would be a maniac to turn down the opportunity to be shot and afterwards able to share, photos done by Sienna.

Zadaa wants to create a network for super convinient,  transparent and stylish online secondhand shopping.
The platform is build up as an app, where you create a profile with information about your bodytype, height, age and geographics. From theese information you are put you in contact with girls with similar information. In that way you’ll be able to get a selected feed of items for sale in your size. And likewise able to sell your items further on to girls who will fit your clothes perfectly.
Zadaa has even made it really easy and cheap for you to ship the item, only 30 DKK in Denmark and 60 DKK to Finland. And only takes a 20% commison fee for selling your item, compared to other platforms where you’ll have up against 50% comission fee. The app also offers you a 100% payment garantee, as they are handling the payment from buyer to seller.
I’m still just testing the plaform and I’ve just added several items to my online store, and hopefully my loved pieces will find new homes!
If you are curious about the concept I suggest you check out their introduction video, and maybe just try and download the app and browse through all the really nice items up for sale. A little peek never hurt nobody, right?



Video made in collaboration with ZALANDO


Christmas time, the time to watch Love Actually on repeat, listen to Last Christmas all along and get in the race to think of the best presents ever thought of.
Together with a cool dog-mama and a handsome fellow I’m talking, in danish, about our Christmas traditions, enjoy!
Check out the cool “shop the look” feature, I love how video’s today have several other elements implemented.
And don’t forget to check out Zalando’s gift guide, maybe you’ll end up as the best of Santa’s little elfs in your family.





Dress // DIESEL



What’s worse, feeling naked all day or waking up like a panda next to your crush?
The issue many of us are dealing with more than we should.
Therefore I’ve been testing Rimmel’s new mascara Colorist. I’m always skeptical about testing new mascaras, since there is nothing I hate more than clumpy lashes. But the lashes did not clump, so I was just excited to see then if this coloring worked aswell.
Colorist not only works as a mascara but also colors the lashes while using. My lashes have always been a dark brown color, but the tips are slightly lighter.
I’ve tested the mascara on my top lashes, where as my bottom lashes are my natural color.
The top is now both darker and seems longer and the tips are not as light, as they are naturally.
It still feels weird putting these photos up knowing that I’m not wearing mascara, but when I look at them I don’t see a “naked-me” I think my lashes look quite awesome!
Wanna test it yourself? Find it here

Sponsored by Rimmel