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This dress was originally inspired by the old nordic cultures, but somehow I found it perfectly fitting for a night out in Hong Kong, the streetlights from the local ATM. Sometimes I get inspired by the wierdest combinations, do you know that feeling?
Tomorrow I’m travelling yet again, WHAT AGAIN?!, is the reaction I meet a lot, but yes last trip of 2015 is with Victor for a few days in Stockholm catching up with friends and participating in a charity project.
See you soon!





Sunglasses – Prada
Knit – Weekday
Dress – Sportmax from Zalando
Bag – Karl Lagerfeld
Fur monster – Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur
Boots – &otherstories

Photos by Victor Jones


Yay, it’s so much fun to show you guys my fashionweek outfits. This one I had planned ever since I wore the dress with the knit in berlin.
This time I paired it up with the cool lace up boots, and the cool army bag with a monster on the side.



gra_lfw_day1_aw_15_177-1QC | Laura 2015.02.21 (2 of 10) QC | Laura 2015.02.21 (6 of 10) QC | Laura 2015.02.21 (8 of 10) QC | Laura 2015.02.21 (10 of 10)Jacket – Weekday
Collar – Oh by Kopenhagen Fur
Jeans – Seafarer
Shirt – Karl Lagerfeld
Bag – Karl Lagerfeld

photos by Christian @thestyleograph and Victor Jones @quodcouture


Loved the 70’s vibe me and my girls all choose to wear for the second day of London Fashion Week.
I did a coverage of Timur Kim backstage, which you can see a full video from on the blog soon.
Afterwards I met up with Sarah and Florence before heading to J.W. Anderson and afterwards hot chocolate with extra whipped cream. Yum!
What do you think of my outfit?

Get the look :




_MG_5606I would like to point out, this post is not meant to be provocative or start a debate about fur.
I was simply curious about the material, fur, and asked Kopenhagen Fur to visit and get a peek into some of the processes the fur goes throw before it’s a made into fashion or so.
I was curious about the techniques and general knowledge about fur, because I felt like I knew quite little about it.
If you too are a bit curious, feel free to read along :)


All the minks are categorized and sorted, the first steps by machines and later by hand.
It takes three years to be educated as a mink-sorter, but many says that even after 20 years in the business they still don’t feel like they know all there is to know about the fur._MG_5605

After the machines sorts it roughly the sorters take over, they divide it into three categories best, medium, standard.
The quality depends on the similarity in the fur, the color, lengths of hair and length of body._MG_5603

Twice a year Kopenhagen fur hosts an auction, they sell mainly mink, but also chinchilla(as seen on the picuture), seal and fox. The fur is never sold individually, but in a bunch of similar skins; colorwise, in length and so on.
Otherwise it would be visible when being put together in a coat for example._MG_5599

For inspiration different suppliers show their techniques,  for example dying the fur.
Heres mink in every color you could wish for!_MG_5593

They also show techniques for preparing the fur for apparel, here the fur is expanded in length, just by making small cuts on the back of the skin. _MG_5596 _MG_5595

The creative team behind Kopenhagen Fur Studio shows their new invented techniques as well!_MG_5612

You might recognize the tassels from many of my outfits on the blog. I love having them dazzling on my bag as an extra accessories. I saw all the new colors and designs in OH! by Kopenhagen Furs showroom._MG_5613 _MG_5615……………………..

I learned a lot on my visit, I was even lucky enough the randomly run into a mink farmer. She told me about the minks, and how the most beautiful furs came from happy and healthy animals. And it was therefore both her job and passion to take good care of the animals before they go. She showed me her own fur accessories, some that she had worn the last 20 years. And with an ironic tone said that it had been impossible to get worn out.

I like the thought of having items that lasts, more than a season or two.  On the other hand I like to experiment and dress up in the crazy trends. But maybe one does not necessarily excludes the other. A fur can be redesigned, especially since the material itself really hard to wear out. You can shorten it and make a collar, hat or accessories  instead. You can mix the furs, apply a different color. The possibilities are endless.

I’m happy to know a bit more about fur, it’s a material that I’m still curious about and fascinated of.
I will continue to both wear it and incorporating it into my designs, but be very strict about the resources and quality.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!



_MG_5375 _MG_5427 _MG_5378 kopi _MG_5403 _MG_5391

Fur – Coster Copenhagen
Sunglasses – Dolce And Gabbana from Zalando
Top – Vintage
Pants – Wolford
Clutch – Rebecca Minkoff from Zalando
Fur heart – OH! By Kopenhagen Fur
Shoes – Jonak from

Photos by Sandra Willer


Had an amazing blogger date with Sandra the other day, we shot these pictures and had a delicious lunch at Grill Royal afterwards.
I wanted to bright up a grey day, so I decided to go all in on glitter, colors and fur!
I hope you like it :)