Photo by Victor Jones


– My first trip to fashion week as a model, 8 super hard days with many ups and downs, read about it here

– 3 times posted on Vogue UK’s website! Still can’t believe that it’s actually true!

– 2 nominations in blog awards, both Modeblogprisen and Zalando Nordic Blog Awards (I hope that third time is my luck)

– My first modelling campaign for Bianco SS14, I had to pinch myself every time I walked passed a store seeing myself in the window. See it here and here

– I finished my first year of school with top grades, a tough time but in the end it was so worth every hour. See my project here

– Started doing videos with Muse Me Channel, never thought I would get used to talking into a camera in the beginning. See them all here 

– My first invitation to attend Elle Style Awards, I almost fell down the chair receiving the invitation! See all the post I made about the great night here

– My first time visiting Paris and my first time at fashion week there as well. I’m already planning my next trip there! I simply can’t resist going there again. See my outfits here.

– An amazing trip to Oslo for our 4 years anniversary, see a photo diary here

– A change to stand on my own feet, the blog is on it’s own and it has been amazing for me and the blog.
But I miss being part of something, it feels somehow lonely not to be linked to anyone. Sometimes I even doubt that you are out there. But your comments and commitment has been amazing, thank you so much.

I hope to inspire and brings a smile on your face in 2015, it would mean the world to me if you would keep reading along!

I already have tons of ideas and dreams for 2015, many more fashion weeks, a fashion show in copenhagen, internships, modelling, travelling, blogging, illustrating and to work even more with my designs, my biggest passion of them all.

Happy new years everyone!




backstagevektor2A month ago I went to Berlin, alone with a really large suitcase. I only new that I had a few castings and 8 days at a hotel.
The first 3 days of castings was ups and downs, most of the places I went I was declined immediately because of my (lack of) height.
But I had two castings that went rather well, they seemed to like my look and wanted to try on clothing right away.
They took the poloraid and I was left with the feeling this might actually be right.
And a few days later I got the messages, I was booked for two shows during Berlin fashion week.
One of them was even on the official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week runway for the brand Vektor.backstagevektor

I showed up exactly on time, but the tent was already packed with make-up artist, hair stylist, dressers, backstage photographers and the designers. One of them came to me immediately, hugged and welcomed me.
I tried to hide my nerves and smile, I felt like shaking.
I got my make-up and hair done, it was rather difficult to keep up with their german so we kept it mostly in english.
After we all had our looks done we went for a walking rehearsal. And of cause my shoes where two sizes to big, and a struggle to walk in. The designers didn’t seem to notice any weirdness in my walking, they actually complimented it(!).


The show started and I wore the coolest see through outfit with white sports underwear underneath.
I managed to walk the entire runway with my heart pumping like hell, shoes way to big and in a room as hot as a sauna.
Right there, the music was pumping and I had a blast.


The final photos from the runway. It’s so weird to look at them, I almost can’t regonize myself.
And what’s up with my stare? I will work on that for my next show!

I had to run through the pouring rain to catch the next show.
I’ll tell you all about that soon!