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Suit – Monki
Bag – Kopenhagen Fur
Shoes – Puma from Sarenza.dk

Photos by Sarah Mikaela from Framboise Fashion and Victor Jones from Quodcouture


I had three days in London during fashion week! It was super intense, I met so many exiting new people and got to spend a lot more time with my sweetheart Sarah.
The first day of fashion week I dressed up in the candy colored suit and paired it with the punked bag and my amazing barbie sneakers.
What do you think?



QC | Blog 2015.01.29 (16 of 42) QC | Blog 2015.01.29 (1 of 1) QC | Blog 2015.01.29 (17 of 42)Sunglasses – Monki
Fur – Kopenhagen Fur
Jacket – Weekday
Bag – 5Preview
Pants – Zara

Photos by Victor Jones @Quodcouture


When Kopenhagen Fur gave me an opportunity to wear another one of their beautiful creations I had to pick this one. It’s way over the top, but yet so elegant and comfortable in the beating cold!
I styled it with simple colors and the long flared pants so to ad an illusion of length to the big fur.

To make the look a little more fun I added the sunglasses and round bag, just because I could!




fashion weekinsp


I’ve tried to plan my outfits ahead, since I have 12 outfits to plan(!?)
I wan’t each one to be eyecathing and colorful, with a cool scandinavian feel to it. And to help me keep my mind straight I decided to create a moodboard, just to get a little overview.
The nude leather jacket from Weekday, could be styled with an emerald dress and light pink turtleneck.
The jacket I made myself might look best only styled with red, black and blue.
It could be cool to wear a denim on denim look, topped with a ladylike touch from the scarf.
I definitely want to wear my Architectural feather dress, but I gotta find out how to style it for the cold weather.
Last but not least, the bubble cum suit might look cool with a pants beneath skirt look?

How would you style the items above?
Any items , trends or style you think I should include for a perfect fashion week outfit? I would love to hear your thoughts!