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Photos by Copenhagenfashionweek & Victor Jones


A week has passed since I showed my designs on Copenhagen Fashion Week together with the rest of the graduation class of Margrethe Skolen.
Thank you so much for all your support! And thank you Laura for all you online support!

The experience was surreal yet natural. It was surreal to finally put an end to so many months of hard work. The last dot before closing of this chapter and realize another one has already started.

Yet it was so natural to be backstage preparing the show, feeling the adrenaline pump and the excitement when the last model returned from the catwalk.

I still have a hard time looking at the clothes with fresh eyes, maybe I’ll never be able to do it. But now after a week, I’m starting to miss the project, the late nights and the rest of my class. Enjoy your time in school, it’s precious and special. You’ll only realize it after, but now I’ve warned you!

Are you starting in school, ending it? or how does the future look for you?



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Be kind and help us by donating 


As you might figured by now, I’ve just graduated from Margrethe Skolen, a private school in central copenhagen.
My class got a shot to host a show gathering all our designs in an inspiring mix of mens, womens and unisex apparel. We represent so many personal styles, and we all just graduated with the highest grades in union ever given.
Our show will be held during CPHFW august 5 at 10 am at Copenhagen City Hall. And everyone interested in welcome to join!
But we ask kindly to donate whatever you find suitable through this link.

The money we gather pays models, catalogs, snacks, beverages and the renting fee for the City Hall.
Since we are a private school the entire show is payed by ourselves, the students. And we could really use a hand!

Hope you’ll help us. Feel free to share!



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Design by me
Thanks to Ellos for the shoes and Glitter for the clip on pony!
Make-up Cecilie Fleur
Model  Lærke H from Diva Models
Thank you Glow Repeat for all the help!


I’ve now officially graduated from Margrethe Skolen! And I even did it with the highest grade.
I’m so proud and happy that all my hard work payed off. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.
But no doubt, I will bust my ass to find my place in this amazing industry.

What you see above is my final collection presenteded as an editorial. The clothes are in focus, but the poses and the illustrations I’ve played with tells the story of Wooly Bait, my collection inspired by Fly Fishing.
I hope you like these photos, I would love to hear your opinions!



Skærmbillede 2014-11-26 15.38.54 Skærmbillede 2014-11-26 15.39.08 Skærmbillede 2014-11-26 15.39.26 Skærmbillede 2014-11-26 15.39.43 Skærmbillede 2014-11-26 15.38.33…………………..

One of the best things about my school is the teachers, I was never really the “good drawer”. But suddenly with the help of my fashion illustration teacher I start learning shading, coloring and creating more alive postures.
Since I really saw the difference from my past drawing skills until now, I really found the motivation for getting even better!

All the drawings are hand drawn, with pen, markers and watercolors.




 The first assignment we had this year was to design a showpiece for a music artist of our own choice.

We only had 5 days, so we had to be quick and creative. It was the perfect start up assignment for our second and final year!
I’ve found some pictures and thought you might find it interesting to see what we do at Margretheskolen!_MG_1321

Design by Elaine Hersby
A showpiece designed for Oh Land_MG_1204

Design by Simona Popovic
A showpiece designed for Cindy Lauper


Design by Louise Find

A showpiece designed for Gwen Stafani_MG_0978 kopi

Design by Laura Tønder

A showpiece designed for Iggy Azalea_MG_0982Design by Lykke Lund

A showpiece designed for Paloma Faith