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Earrings // PANDORA
Shirt // UKIYO
Shoes // GUCCI


What do you want for Christmas? How about some hoops?
It’s never a bad idea to hoop, these hoops are super cute hanging, but turned arround as a cuff they are more than badass. Style them as I did here with a white tee and a printed skirt for a modern grunge look.
If you are searcing for more wishes for Christmas, feel free to check out PANDORA Christmas collection.

Post made in Collaboration with PANDORA




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Earring // PANDORA 
Bracelet // PANDORA


Christmas is right around the corner, and everyone is excited to give and recieve love. Even though the times has been acused of seducing us with materialism, I feel now more than ever that I need it to be the time of love. I can’t wait to celebrate my long Christmas vacation with my family, and treat them with wonderful gifts, love and thankfulness for their being. PANDORA has created a wonderful christmas collection inspired by the love we give in gifts, I’ve been so excited to show it to you, here. And can’t wait to show you even more wonderful pictures, even though they might not be so christmassy they are always filled with love.

Post made in collaboration with PANDORA




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Our jewelry should be “unique as we are”, thats the beautiful idea behind one of my favorite jewelry brands Pandora.
I love mixing jewelry and metals, which means that I’m wearing both gold, silver, pearls and stones everyday. My jewelry is a very important part of my look, and thats why I wear them all the time, I even sleep with them on. I’m always wearing a mix of new and old, trendy and historic. For instance these two necklaces, the gold one is an heirloom from my family and the silver one was part of the invitation I got from Pandora for The Pandora Tour.

The Pandora Tour is being held as a celebration of women and the ones we love and wants to show appreciation.
It’s a biking race taking place in central copenhagen on Mothers Day 8 of may. But it’s not about racing but about enjoying the ride, on cool box bikes!
After the ride everyone will meet up and enjoy lunch and no-one will leave the event without a goodiebag.
I’m gonna celebrate it with my dear friend Maria Jernov, a girl I’ve learned a lot with and from, and whom I always share the best laughs!
If you too wanna take part in The Pandora Tour, read more about it here.

In collaboration with Pandora




Ring – Vintage
Bracelet – Pandora
Earrings – Creol 
Ring – Pandora


I love combining silver and gold jewelry, especially with pearls and clear stones.
I want my jewelry to be simple, graphic but yet elegant.
How does your favorite jewelry looks?





Raven Skull Ring 795,-  x  Necklace 995,- x Ear ring 595,-
Silver Waves Ear ring 1.175,-
Story Tubes Silver  1.495,- x Black 1.495,-

Photo by Victor Jones

I’ve been looking so much forward to sharing this post to you! The video took hours, but I had to make sure everything ended up perfect.

Kranz & Ziegler is sponsoring Modeblogprisen where I’m nominated as female blogger of the year. So they handed us the assigment, of two blogpost, and this is obviously the first!
I’ll give you the short version of the exiting story:
The story of Kranz & Ziegler is the story of Story. Confused? I lead you through!
K&Z started back in 2003, and with their philosophy of creating jewelry with a fashion statement which leaded them to the success they have today.
The Story line was launched in 2011, and was originally based on charm bracelet but has developed from just being a few pieces to almost 800 products in all categories of jewelry.

For a couple of seasons the face of Kranz & Ziegler has been the pop queen Medina.
I wouldn’t (and couldn’t) compete with that, so I turned to my favorite genre, Rock.

Hope you like it, rock on!