My hair is it looked before, I really liked the beachy blonde look, but the dark roots was beginning to annoy me and then I decided why not try something completely new.

_MG_1141 kopi

It was Mette from Matrix who I again had the pleasure of talking creative hair talks with in the beautyful salon with the most beautiful view to the Copenhagen skyline. We talked about ideas and preferences towards hair, and agreed to work with the colourscale Mokka this time.


_MG_1226 kopi

And voila! The finished result. A sharp bob with the long fringe and a darker, slightly strawberry but still cold. I had no idea what to call the colour until I looked out the window.


Then it hit me, it’s the Copenhagen colour, it changes recording how the sun hits during the day, it’s minimalistic but warm.


Paired with my 70’s shades from Kaibosh I biked my way home feeling amazingly cool and chic!


I really like my new look, and even though I felt a bit sad about leaving my blonde look behind I’m actually a bit astonished how great this look suited me.
I used to have a very decreased knowledge of the art of hairdressing, for me there was only four colours on the scale, blond, brunette, red and black.
But the fact is theres is so many colours in between! So if you have a skilled hairdresser, don’t let it scare you to experiment in between!




Videos by Muse Me Channel


I really wanted to share these videos with you, I think they give a great view into the final prep before a fashion show.
I really want to try out the look from the Freja Dalsjø show with the messy bun!
I’ll show you my fashion week outfit as soon as I get my hands on some photos.
But I already posted a bit on my Insta if you want to see @couturekulten.




I’ve played with the idea of coloring my hair since 2011. And when I ran into Maria Nilas products I couldn’t resist.
For me it’s very important that hair products really nurses the hair and isn’t filled with chemicals.
Because of those requirements it has been almost impossible for me to find hair colours I wanted to try.
I’ve used the Colour Refresh Vivid Violet. It’s 100% vegan ingredients, free of sulphate and paraben and produced in Sweden.

The photo below shows my development of the color from wash to wash. Starting of with the first one where I just tested the colors a little bit mixed with my conditioner.
I wanted to look to be more intense and tried again. Thats the look you see on the next photo and the photo above. Because of my huge amount of hair it takes some practice for me to add the color equally all over the hair.  So the really intense purple color is in  my top hair fading down to the ends.
As you see on the next photos the color faded a lot from the first wash after the treatment, which left my hair with a more pastel look. I went to the sea and in the sun, and the color might faded out a bit, but it didn’t leave my hair discolored.
Last the photo was taken after the third wash, a little purple and blue hint and beautifully light grey.

I found the colour beautiful when it was all intense, but I think the light pastel purple/grey look is better for me.
I mixed the color with conditioner when I applied it, 70% color 30% conditioner.
Next time I might just add 20% color and 80%conditioner for a light pastel shade to my hair. Maybe with some ombre ends?
I even got the color Autumm Red as well.. Maybe a mix?




Video by Muse Me Channel


I was asked to test the new Kérastase products with the deep salon treatment.
It’s perfect for my hair to get some love before the high summer, it always makes my hair dry and frizzy.
To win this treatment and hair products of the value 3000 DKK share your hair in movement on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #dkkerastasediscipline
Good luck!