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Sunglasses – Prada
Knit – Weekday
Dress – Sportmax from Zalando
Bag – Christian Dior
Shoes – L’Autre Chose from Zalando

Photos by Maria Jernov


I midly overdressed for the regular festival style, but I just could help myself with this dress.
You can see the diary for the festival day here!




We started out having a lovely bunch of Fish’n’chips with loads of remoulade, yummy! accompanied by strawberry cocktail and lots of sun our minds got into the perfect festival mode. _MG_1501

The entire festival was filled with colorful decorations(and people) so we danced around in all the colors._MG_1518

They had a event where you could build your own flower crown, Maria challenged me who could make a bigger crown! I’ll let you decide who’s the winner ;)_MG_1528

I matched the flower crown perfectly with my flower sunglasses & flower printed dress._MG_1539

Maria looked so cute when se was dancing with all her fringes!_MG_1563

We had tons of these german sweets, strawberries on sticks covered in chocolate, litterally we emptied the store!_MG_1566

Maria just had to order the biggest candyfloss she could find, matching her outfit in the beautiful white shade._MG_1749

I love this photo, we we’re just laughing all day in our beautiful outfits from Zalando with all our sweets, fries and flower crowns._MG_1864We ran into a couple of Eos girls that took us for some candy loving girls and we got two new flawours and some popcorn sweets. We thanked the girls with kisses and ran of to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert which was just the most amazing experience ever!

I can’t believe I had weekend like this, I love going to festivals but have never experienced one in another country. But now Maria and I are already dreaming of exploring the festivals around the world next summer maybe.
Don’t you want to explore this adventure?
I can’t thank Zalando enough for taking us!



Rebecca 2015.05.06 (1 of 9) Rebecca 2015.05.06 (6 of 9) Rebecca 2015.05.06 (3 of 9)

All clothes on the pictures for sale at the event

Photos by Victor Jones @Quodcouture


Vera’s flea market will be held for the first time on sunday(may 10th) from 11 to 17.
The focus will be on good style, both from within and on the outside. Thats why there will be several bloggers and fashionistas selling out from their wardrobe, I’ll be there to.
But I’ve also been to the local Red Cross shop and put together two festival looks, both available for you to purchase at the event together with several other selected items.
The first is perfect for a streetparty at distortion, just add a fannybag and a beer!
The second look is a more casual but yet very classy and stylish and perfect for Roskilde Festival. The pants are actually sweats, but paired with some great boots and a tunic nobody could tell!

Come on sunday if you like music(the distortion ravebus will be there), food(the flea market is placed at Copenhagen Street Food with many delicious food stands) or amazing fashion treasures for a good cause.
Share the word of “God Stil”(Good style)!

Find the event here theres even still a few spaces left if you want to sell!

This post is not sponsored but made out of charity for the good cause of Red Cross




I did a lot of streetstyle last year. Victor Jones is at the festival again this year, check out his streetstyle here!

I wore my skirt as a dress together with my all time favorite boots, unfortunately they are not with me anymore …243710_470684826275135_2089934646_o

During the nights I had great fun aruond the camps, and off cause glowsticks where involved!


 I decided to spice up the grey days wearing gold and making pompoms!


The sun was baking so I decided to make it snow! Crushed oat was the only thing i could find, and it worked perfectly!


A short review of all the fun I had last year during Roskilde festival!
I’ve been given a one day ticket from Louis Nielsen to spot the best glass-streetstyle, so I’ll be going tomorrow. I can’t wait!
Hope you are enjoying the summer!