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Jacket – Zalando
Bag – Karl Lagerfeld
Jeans – Seafarer
Shades – Carolina Herrera
Shirt – Dr. Denim
Shoes – Kenzo
Scarf – Givenchy from Zalando

Photos by Dvora, Victoria Adamson and Diego Zuko


Now that spring is finally settled in Copenhagen I’m gonna wear some denim on denim as I did in Paris.
It’s one of the biggest trend this season, but also one that is super simple to adapt, since most of us already got several denim items.
Don’t be afraid to mix tones or colors and feel free to combine tight and loose silluettes.
What do you think of my outfit?
Kinda cool it posted on both Vogue UK, Elle UK and Harpers Bazaar US, right?



Skærmbillede 2013-12-22 kl. 17.14.53 Skærmbillede 2013-12-22 kl. 17.15.21

This is not photoshop, se for yourselves here


I’ve always been excited finding myself in the street style sections, but this is amazing. I was completely speechless, except “OMG”. Me among the coolest fashionistas in the “best street style of 2013” edition. It is so unbelievable!
Definitely a christmas gift I wasn’t expecting!

I’ve had a great 2013, and I have no idea what to expect from 2014, but I’m working on making it even bigger, bolder and better!

I wish you a merry christmas, I hope you’ll get what you wish for!