moodboard1 samlet VJV | 2014.12.16 (4 of 9) kopi VJV | 2014.12.16 (6 of 9) Ikke-navngivet-1 GallaPhotos – Victor Jones
Model – Coco Isabel from Scoop Models
Project and dress is my design


Just before my Christmas vacation I turned in this project. My assignment was to create a spectacular outfit or dress.
I worked with the architecture of the Science City in Valencia together with the organic shapes and texture in feathers and fur. I also have a sketchbook for this project with more inspiration and process, is that something you are interested in?
When I start my next semester on january 5. I will get my review back, so fingers crossed that I will be positive.
What do you think of my result?



1 isabel 2coco

Photos : Emma Matell
Model: Coco Isabel / SCOOP MODELS
Make up: Sarah Niri
Styling: Laura Tønder / Couture Kulten


“Coco Isabel” is an editorial created by a team of young Danish up-coming talents. The editorial contemplates the path to finding one’s identity, thus it is named by the model. It reflects on the experimenting path to finding one’s identity and what one’s name should represent.

Thanks to Nordic Style Mag!