Loreal nude palette
Kat Von D contouring kit + brush
Elisabeth Arden Highlighting pen
YSL babydoll mascara
ELF liquid & powder concealer_MG_9492

I’m starting with the liquid concealer covering my spots and black eyes, then I top of with just a bit of powder concealer for it to sit and last better._MG_9493

Then I shade in my cheekbones using the lightest shades in the kit, afterwards I highlight both with the Kat Von D kit and the liquid from Elisabeth arden and blend them nicely together._MG_9494

As my daily eyeshadow I useally wear the two shadows in the middle the beige and more grey brown colour. _MG_9495I always finish off with my babydoll but only on the top lashes.


The Finished look

_MG_9491 kopi

Top – Bitte Kai Rand_MG_9502

Photography by Maria Jernov

This is a very light and clean makeup, I dont like wearing a lot and especially here in the fall/winter time I would feel bad about covering my skin to much, I know it’s already having a tough time settling with the dry air.
I like that even when I’m winter pale my skin structure is visible and many barely see that I’m wearing make up. My friends usually tell me how they want to be able to not wear makeup and still look good.
I think now that the biggest trend seem to be covering and then contouring your face like a mask, many actually find it more beautiful to be the best natural self, with a little help that light make up can give.

Hope you enjoyed my first real take on beauty looks, please let me know what you think!




Pictures from pinterest and Lærke H Diva Models(top right)


I’m sitting with tons of butterflies writing this post, in 18 hours my final collection will be tested for their first big task. The photoshoot.
I’ve teamed up with Victor, Beauty Academy and the gorgeous Lærke. We are going to shoot both lookbook and campaign photos for my final collection of 5 outfits. To say I’m excited would be an understatement!
My keywords for the shoot was young, vibrant and colorful. I’m adding the braided ponyt tails, playing with different backgrounds, doing a colored eye, styling with fur accessories and a lot of other crazy stuff!
Follow my day with preps, shoots and editing on instagram @Couturekulten and snapchat @Lauratonder

Let’s do this!