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The perfect spectacular party or everyday dress! Whats not to love?
Don’t be afraid of prints, shiny materials or cool shapes. Jump into that dress, wear it with awesome flats or sneakers for a cool everyday look, maybe even try to wear it with pants or jeans underneath in wintertime?
Wear it with crazy shoes and a big colorful coat for a night out, just like Carrie would do it!


I fell dressing up is so much easier when I’m wearing printed pants or skirts!
When wearing basic pants, I rarely feel like my outfit really pops. But whenever I wear a printed skirt or pair of pants, it just does something better! Whether I’m mixing prints like the first outfit, or just adding basic colors it just works!
I love when I discover a new great print mix in my wardrobe, I can get all excited and eager for the perfect day to wear that exact outfit. Try mixing your prints more, it’s just way more fun!



Denim doesn’t have to be basic! Let it be the eye-cathing detail in your outfit. Sometimes when I feel a little more basic, I still try to have that special feel to the outfit. Instead of just plain denim my dungarees have that head turning effect in copenhagen(no I’m not a farmer, I’m just a blogger).
I really like that my boyfriend jeans just have the perfect rip, just a little detail that really does the difference for me.

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I always feel better wearing an eyecathing bag! It’s always a great way to make your outfit pop.
I love looking for new cool clutches and bags, you can really find some treasures around the web for almost nothing.
Sometimes the cheapest and weirdest ends up being my favorites, and I fell I don’t have to be as careful when going out.
Something that can really ruin my party mood, when I have to guard a bag with my life.

_MG_2876 _MG_3580 kopi

 A woman with great shoes is never out of style!
Something I need to be better at is not always to wear simple shoes to a cool outfit. Why style down when you can style up! This calls for new shoes.


I don’t understand the fuss about perfect basic wardrobes? #sorrynotsorry
Ofcause we all ned a black top and underwear. Maybe we can also agree that a jacket and shoes is necessary.
But why crave to have what everyone else have? I wan’t to wear a cool but different than everyone else has outfit.
If you are happy with your basic wardrobe, you probably look amazing wearing it.
But I always feel akward and weird walking down Strøget(main shopping street in copenhagen) and watch girl after girl in a similar outfit.
So I made this post, not to point fingers or try to be rebel. God knows I’m nothing like a rebel. But to shout out to the amazing girls who wants to wear their craziest dresses on a grey monday.
I dare you and myself to dress up more! I wish I could push the feeling of “being afraid of overdressing” and replace it with “dahm, I look my finest when room turns quiet when I’m walking in”.

Anybody out there who want’s to play dress up with me?