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Sunglasses – Triwa
Shirt, Jacket & Bra – Pieces
Jeans – Seafarer
Bag – Karl Lagerfeld

Photos by Maria Jernov & Anna Buhl Christensen


On a grey day theres just nothing better than wearing grey with your favorite fashion sista!
Pieces just launched a new collection in collaboration with my all time favorite rainbow girl Chloe Nørgaard. She picked out her favorites, and I can tell you we have more in common than our danish roots and our love for colors. Our style seems to have a resemblance as well, at least I fell completely on love with the grey lace up sweater, the slit lace bra and this cosy jacket.
Both Maria and I styled the grey jacket from Pieces with jeans and a grey sweater, I swear it was actually a coincidence! I even wore grey shoes underneath the jeans.. Sometimes I think that it’s funny how Maria’s style reminds me so much of my own, but at the same time we style things so differently!
What do you think?

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