_MG_4539_MG_4573_MG_4445_MG_4527_MG_4474_MG_4532 kopi

Jacket – DIY
Scarf – Pieces
Dress – Sand Red Label
Shoes – Nike from Sarenza.dk
Bag – Cortefiel


Whats better than dressing up with glitter on a sunny saturday? Maybe the fact that theres only a few days left before I turn 21!
Good lord, my life is not quite as I always expected it to be when I turned 21. But somehow I’m amazingly happy for everything that’s going on at the moment.
I have a wonderful family, an amazing boyfriend, the best friends, I’m doing well in school and last but definitely not least, this year has been fantastic to share with you!
I hope you will follow my trip to adulthood, career and traveling the world!

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