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Trench – here
Knit – here 
Shirt dress  – here
Shoes – By Far
Bag – Gucci
Long sleeve – here
Satin dress – here 
Shirt – here 
Boots – Vagabond
Sunnies – Supernormal

Post made in collaboration with APPRL x ARKET


Long time no see, but I hope you’ve all been keeping up with what’s been going on at instagram.
To sum it up, since the last time I posted here, I’ve finished my position at Munthe, started working for Villao, spent a lot of time travelling around Europe with dear friends and I man I call my boyfriend, who’m I was also lucky enough to have met since the last time I wrote here.
I have moved to another aparment, had a haircut, ran a half marathon and learned how to drive a scooter.
I’ve accomplished my new years resolution, to travel twelve times in 2018, as I have been to Stockholm, London(times three), North of England, Amsterdam, South of France(times two), Barcelona, Oslo, Malaga, Greece and Florence.
I’ve had an amazing summer, and though I wish nothing more than it would continue for eternity I’m ready to face to cold, litterally. I’ve stuck up on sweaters, both this huge alpaca turteneck that I’m basicly living in right now, and the thin merino wool blouses that’s perfect to style under my favorite summer dresses.
Happy almost autumn, enjoy the september sun and stay stylish!

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